Brand Amp’s reasons for embracing Social Media

Brand Amp’s reasons for embracing Social Media

10 September, 2014 0

Social Media gives businesses the power to amplify brand messages
Businesses have the power to amplify brand messages

In the time I’ve been practising marketing communications the environment has changed significantly – let’s face it I’ve been around for so long social media wasn’t invented when I started!
Back in the day, brand owners used to be in ‘control’ of their brand, they were responsible for most of the public discussions about their brand and they licensed how and where brand imagery appeared. That was then…
Now…it’s a world of social media and that means brand owners no longer control the discussion around their brand. However, whether they participate or not the conversation about their brand continues – or if it doesn’t then the brand is seriously in trouble!
It constantly surprises me that businesses are still questioning the value of social media and why they need to be part of it. And to be honest writing this in 2014 feels a bit ‘back to the future’ and unnecessary, except its not because I am still meeting businesses that don’t see a reason for engaging in it.
So, if you’re one of those business owners who isn’t convinced here are some reasons why you need to embrace the social media revolution. Essentially use the Brand Amp philosophy and harness social media to amplify your brand:

  • Think of social media as creating your media so you can tell your own brand stories (and not rely on journalists)
  • Being involved in social media allows you to join in conversations about your brand
  • Following social media allows you to pick up on trends before they become mainstream – giving a head-start for innovation
  • Social media can help you manage your brand’s reputation
  • It helps drive traffic to your website
  • Social media can drive independent review and endorsement of your brand/product
  • Social media can support and extend brand marketing activity such as sponsorships and events
  • Social media can lead to sales

If you’re still not convinced of the value of social media I doubt there’s much anyone can suggest…