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Open your favourite bottle of wine on Open That Bottle Night
10 Feb, 2016 | Filed in:

Open That Bottle Night – the perfect excuse to enjoy wines saved for a rainy day! Since its inception in 2000 by two wine journalists… continue reading

Trends and strategies for wineries on Facebook
9 Jul, 2015 | Filed in:

Many Australian and New Zealand wineries making the effort to engage on Facebook are receiving mixed results – how can you avoid this?

4 May, 2015 | Filed in:

A brand story well told becomes the rallying cry and call to action for staff, investors, distributors, customers and consumers.

18 Nov, 2014 | Filed in:

As a small business owner I understand the challenges small businesses face daily – what to prioritise, where to invest and how to maximise profit…. continue reading

10 Sep, 2014 | Filed in:

In the time I’ve been practising marketing communications the environment has changed significantly – let’s face it I’ve been around for so long social media… continue reading

16 Jun, 2014 | Filed in:

Recently I dusted off a ‘how to wine PR’ article I had written about seven years ago for http://wbmonline.com.au. However, even with the emergence of new… continue reading

29 May, 2014 | Filed in:

Winning an award or accolade is a great recognition quality. But once that has been achieved its up to brand owners to amplify that success and turn it into listings and sales.

24 Apr, 2014 | Filed in:

The story behind what Brand Amp means and why its the perfect name for a business assisting with marketing, communications and public relations.