Design And Brochures

Design And Brochures

1 December, 2016 0

Brand Amp has a suite of designers we work with to deliver branding and design. Alternatively we can work with your preferred graphic designer. The one consistent element is that all strong design begins with a good brief and we take responsibility for this.

A clear design brief helps ensure all branding and materials reflect the business principles and direction. A brief ensures consistent design that assists in building brand recognition. A strong brief saves time, which also saves money.

By building knowledge of your business and its customers we understand the elements of verbal and visual communication. We will develop a brief for all graphic design work and alongside designers to ensure the project comes in on brand, on budget and on time.

Case Studies

“Central Otago winemaking, bottling and logistics company VinPro wanted to reinforce its service. Creating a brochure to ensure potential and existing clients were aware of their services was one tool we used.”