The Southern Trust makes more than $12 million in grants in 2018

The Southern Trust allocated $12,000 in grants in 2018

The Southern Trust makes more than $12 million in grants in 2018

Dunedin, Tuesday 15 January 2018: Community groups across New Zealand received $12,824,724 in grants from The Southern Trust in the 2018 calendar year.

More than 1,500 community groups across New Zealand benefitted from the grants from The Southern Trust last year. Funding ranged in size from a few hundred dollars for the purchase of a hand-held microphone for a Rotary Club, to $80,000 towards the installation of a particle separator on a Philips Search and Rescue Trust helicopter and $300,000 for the redevelopment of the Mayfair Theatre in Kaikoura.

Significant grants were also made to national organisations and groups including: New Zealand Football $80,000; Graeme Dingle Foundation $70,000; Netball New Zealand $60,000; Otago Medical Research Foundation $36,000, University of Otago Edgar Diabetes and Obesity Research $35,000; New Zealand AIDS Foundation $30,000; Parkinsonism Society of New Zealand $30,000 and Starship Foundation $30,000.

The Southern Trust CEO and Trustee Karen Shea said 60% of grants supported community, education, health and arts initiatives. The remaining 40% supported sports groups.

Ms Shea said “the importance of Class 4 funding was underpinned by the fact that 52% or $6.67 million of The Southern Trust’s allocated grants covered opening costs for organisations. So, we know that without this funding, groups would have to scale back or stop operating altogether.”

The Southern Trust 2018 grants by region were:

Whangarei District                          $625,224.00

Waikato District                               $375,104.00

Hamilton City                                   $362,733.80

South Waikato District                     $270,579.00

Taupo District                                  $110,027.40

Tauranga City                                 $247,730.00

Rotorua District                               $1,306,110.00

Whakatane District                         $589,057.00

Opotiki District                                $313,100.00

New Plymouth District                    $646,272.00

South Taranaki District                   $16,910.00

Tararua District                               $130,925.00

Horowhenua District                       $400,254.80

Kaikoura District                             $510,917.40

Westland District                            $2,500.00

Waimakariri District                        $602,185.00

Christchurch City                            $2,482,046.60

Timaru District                                $397,057.40

McKenzie District                           $8,000.00

Waitaki District                                $33,287.00

Central Otago District                     $30,367.00

Queenstown-Lakes District            $437,278.00

Dunedin City                                   $459,988.00

Southland District                            $157,487.00

Invercargill City                                $882,916.40

Auckland City                                   $775,958.20

Nationwide                                       $650,727.00

Grand Total                                    $12,824,742.00

The Southern Trust was established in January 1998 and is licensed by the Department of Internal Affairs under the Gambling Act 2003 to return gaming machine proceeds to the community.